PHOWA - Conscious dying course

Retreat center Vinica, Varna, Bulgaria

27-31 August 2013

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The course starts on 27 August in the morning!

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What is Phowa?

The practice of conscious dying, or Phowa, is one of the most profound teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. During this practice one learns to transfer one's consciousness at the moment of death into a state of highest bliss.

Phowa is a meditation in which one learns to send one’s consciousness into the heart of The Buddha of Limitless Light (Skt. Amitabha) as a preparation for one’s own death.

This summer we will have the extraordinary opportunity to do this powerful practice in a five-day retreat with Lama Ole Nydahl, an authorized Phowa teacher in the Karma Kagyu tradition, who has taught this method to tens of thousands of people around the world.

The course is suitable for advanced practitioners and beginners alike (after having done a preparatory meditation practice and taken Buddhist Refuge). One also learns details on the process of dying as understood in the Buddhist tradition, and how to help and support others at the times of their deaths.

When the course will take place?

The course will be held from 27 to 31 August and is part of the Balkan Tour with        Lama Ole Nydahl. The tour starts with a course in Zagon - retreat center in Romania, continues with a Phowa course in Bulgaria and ends with a course at Karma Berchen Ling - our retreat center in Greece.

Where the course will take place?

The Phowa course will take place at Vinica Retreat Center. The center is 15 km north of Varna city and is situated on 25 thousands square meters. The retreat place is located on a high plateau. It offers a 108 degrees view over the Black Sea. It is close to the beach of the Black Sea and also to an ancient Christian monastery famous with his rock caves where monks used to live and practice.

In 2009 we started building a small house with a room for people to live, gompa, kitchen, toilet and bathroom. Everyone who is willing to come, can visit the center in every time during the year and make a retreat.

Prices & Registration

The price for an early registration (till 15 August 2013) is 108 € (210 leva) without food and with food included is 154 € (300 leva). The early registration price can be paid by a credit card. In case of larger groups (10 or more people), you can make a bank transfer upon request.

The normal price after 15 August 2013 will be 135 € (263 leva) without food and 181 € (353 leva) with food included.

Registration deadline if you want food is 15 August!

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During the course you can sleep in your own tent. Our friends will welcome you and guide you to the places where you can put your tent.

There is also an opportunity to rent a room in a hotel or in a guesthouse as the retreat center is close to a villa zone and to the city of Varna.


Address: Varna, quarter Vinica. You should go out from Vinica and continue to BAR NAZDRAVE. The retreat place is after the hill on the right side.

From the railway station: you can take bus 31 till the final station. Then you can call the shuttle team to pick you up. Mobile: +359897865094.

You can also go by foot towards BAR NAZDRAVE (about 20 - 25 minutes).

If you need a shuttle - call to +359897865094.

OK Taxi (they know our Retreat Center in Vinica):
+5952/500500 - landline

GPS Coordinates: 43.1523N275938E

By plane - the Varna Airport is just 8 kilometers away from the city By train - you can check the timetables of the trains going to Varna railway station. By bus - timetables

To Vinica Retreat Center

By your own transport - map Public transport - you can take bus number 31 from the railway station or from the center of the city and it will take you to Vinica Shuttle before and after the course
  • - from the airport - 7€ / 14 leva
  • - from the railway or bus station - 7€ / 14 leva

Shuttle services during the course

During the course, between the session there will be shuttle service that goes to the nearest beach - St. Konstantin and Elena resort. Price 4 leva (2 €). in both directions. Additionally, friends from the local sangha will assist you if you want to use a taxi.

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